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I was born at a young age. 

Then, I learned some things. 

Then, I could walk.

Then, I went to Michigan State. 

Then, I couldn't find a job. 

Then, I went to the Creative Circus. 

Then, I learned even more things. 

Now, I'm the oldest I've ever been. 

And I'm making ads at GS&P.

And Martha Shafer is my partner. 

And that's a fake mustache. 

But I am real. 

Unless none of us are. 



  • 2023 Business Insider Rising Star of Madison Avenue 

  • 2023 One Show – Online-Only Films & Video – Shortlist –Sam Adams "Brighter Boston" 

  • 2023 One Show – Branded Entertainment – Shortlist – "Flamin' Hottie" 

  • 2023 One Show – Interactive & Mobile Craft – Shortlist – "Flamin' Hottie" 

  • 2023 Andy – Craft – "Flamin' Hottie" 

  • 2023 One Show – Interactive, Online & Mobile – NFTs – Shortlist – Rubles for Ukraine 

  • 2022 Cannes Lion – Entertainment Digital & Social – Bronze – "Flamin' Hottie" 

  • 2022 Cannes Lion – Mobile Experience – Shortlist – "Flamin' Hottie" 



my morning motivation

Here's a little pump up video I made myself. 

Of course it's my voice. 

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